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With an all-star lineup of skincare’s finest ingredients, including a generous amount of CBD, LUMINA is the ultimate serum for reducing wrinkles, smoothing out the skin, and combating the damaging effects of free radical cells.

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LUMINA Anti-Aging Serum penetrates deeply to reduce signs of aging and revitalize the skin at the cellular level.

Targets: fine lines, wrinkles, inflammation, redness, sagging skin, free radicals

Benefits: Smoother skin, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, less inflammation and puffiness, more even skin town, brighter complexion, antioxidant protection

Stand-out ingredients: CBD (300mg, 1%), Hyaluronic Acid (1%), Peptides (2%), DMAE, CoQ10, Vitamins A, B3, B5, C, and E, Argan Oil, and Citrus Extracts

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2 reviews for LUMINA
  • (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Lumina serum for one week now and I absolutely love it. The thicker consistency is great and it’s made me skin so nice and soft! Really looking forward to what my results will be in a month!

  • (verified owner)

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Product Features

Convenient airless bottle. Concentrated--a little goes a long ways.

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