Gage Clarifying and Regenerating Serum for men has been formulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, bolster new collagen growth, and guard against the damaging effects of free radical cells.

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Product Description

Containing many of skin care’s leading ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, peptides, argan oil, and CBD, Gage Clarifying and Regenerating Serum has been specially formulated for men to lessen signs of aging and promote a clear, healthy complexion.

HOW TO USE: After washing, put 3-4 squirts (a dab the size of a dime) of GAGE in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and apply GAGE over clean, damp face and neck. The moisture will bond with the hyaluronic acid and other ingredients to hydrate the skin more effectively. Wait a few minutes, then follow up with Gage Facial Moisturizer to lock in the nutrients and give the skin’s natural moisture barrier a boost.

TARGETS: Fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, uneven skin tone, blemishes

BENEFITS: anti-aging, antioxidant, improved complexion, smoother softer skin, younger looking skin

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: GAGE absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply to deliver vital nutrients to the under layers of skin where it can address multiple skin care needs simultaneously. In this role it serves as a moisturizer, collagen builder, antioxidant, and blemish treatment.

MOISTURIZER: Gage serum contains several effective moisturizing agents:

Hyaluronic Acid is famous for its ability to hold a lot of water, thereby smoothing and plumping up the skin. GAGE contains low molecular weight (fragmented) hyaluronic acid, which penetrates deeply and serves as a carrier agent for other nutrients such as peptides, vitamins, and CBD.

Organic Jojoba Seed Oil is a natural, time-honored skin moisturizer that is non-irritating, making it perfect for every skin type, balancing oily skin, soothing sensitive skin, and hydrating dry skin.

Argan Oil from Morocco is one of skin care’s finest oils, chock-full of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, yet with a comedogenic score of zero, meaning it will absolutely not clog pores.

COLLAGEN BUILDER: Skin renews itself every 4-6 weeks depending on one’s age. Vitamins, peptides, and other nutrients can hasten collagen renewal, resulting in smoother, younger-looking skin. GAGE contains several collagen-promoting ingredients:

Palmitoyl TriPeptide-38 is a synthesis of six peptides that stimulate collagen production and skin healing and improve the complexion by pushing oils and spent cells out of blocked pores.

Vitamin E is a renown skin care ingredient that works to heal, moisturize, and protect the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid, besides hydrating the skin, also works to promote collagen production and skin healing.

ANTIOXIDANT: Antioxidants are one of the cornerstones of effective skin care. GAGE is rich in antioxidants to combat the buildup of free radical cells. Free radicals arise from normal metabolic processes and from external factors such as pollution, smoke, and sun exposure. Too many free radicals cause oxidative stress, which can damage cells, proteins, and DNA, and contribute to the aging process.

CBD according to a US Dept of Health patent is even a more powerful antioxidant than either vitamin E or vitamin C.

Vitamin E is a respected antioxidant utilized for this purpose probably more than any other skin care ingredient.

Green Tea Extract contains a powerful antioxidant called EGCG that fights DNA damage from UV rays. It also has anti-inflammatory effects that can help shrink the appearance of pores, resulting in evener skin tone and less redness and blotchiness.

BLEMISH CONTROL: GAGE contains the following blemish-controlling ingredients:

CBD has been shown to moderate the flow of sebum from the skin’s sebaceous glands, thereby reducing oil buildup in pores. It is also an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, earning CBD the status of being one of the few skincare ingredients (perhaps the only one) that addresses all three of the most common causes of acne—oil, bacteria, and inflammation.

Organic Tea Tree Oil is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that helps fight blemishes and new skin breakouts.

Green Tea Extract contains enzymes with anti-inflammatory qualities that can help shrink the appearance of pores, resulting in evener skin tone.

White Willow Bark Extract contains salicylic acid, a natural exfoliant that helps skin shed its spent cells, clearing the pores.

Aloe Leaf Juice has been used for centuries to soothe skin irritated by the sun and other external factors.

Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Organic Alcohol, DMAE Bitartrate, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, Emulsifying Wax, Organic Argan Oil, Glycerin, MSM, Cannabidiol, Organic Rooibos Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Green Tea Leaf Extract, Organic White Tea Leaf Extract, Organic White Willow Bark Extract, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin B3, Xanthan Gum, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin, Sandalwood Oil
Certified organic ingredients 81%

STORAGE: Keep in a cool, dry place away from children and direct sunlight.

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Easy to use airless pump. 5mg CBD in every 1ml application. Concentrated--a little goes a long ways.